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I am trying to locate a shipment with LMJ, All I have is the Bill of Lading # 17A6N6DC and the Navy tracking control number(TCN) N4523A7332VN77XXX. Can you help me?

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Hi Patrick,
According to our LMJ Logistics Tracking system, your package has been delivered on 01-DEC-17.

Parent JobDescriptionDateStatus
S00031762Shipment picked up on 11/28 at 15:00

28-NOV-17 00:00

S00031762arrived to LAX on 11:28 at 21:16

28-NOV-17 17:34

S00031762deaparted LAX on 11/29 at 00:39

29-NOV-17 00:00

S00031762arrived to Sacramento, CA on 11/30 at 04:19

30-NOV-17 00:00

S00031762departed Sacramento, CA on 11/30 at 09:45

30-NOV-17 00:00


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