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good day. my group mate in our project order a sensor from taiwan then it says that the tracking number that the tracking number of our order is this, EE675747190TW. is this really available?

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Item Number: EE675747190TW

【Domestic information】
Status Date Time Name of post office
Acceptance Dec/01/2012  09:27      
Dispatch from originating country's exchange office Dec/01/2012  19:11   TAIPEI  TAIWAN 
Office of destination MANILA PHILIPPINES 
Despatch No. 871 
Flight No. CI701 
Flight date 2012/12/02

【Foreign information】
Status Date Time Name of post office
Arrival at incoming office Dec/04/2012  09:34   MANILA  PHILIPPINES 
Customs inspection        
Departure from incoming office        
Dutiable or non-dutiable  
Arrival at delivery office        
Attempted delivery(1st) Dec/05/2012  06:40      
Reason for non-delivery No delivery service to this area 
Attempted delivery(2nd)        
Reason for non-delivery  


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