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my parcel send from Chaina at 19th Nov.2012 Docket No. EE725059726CN
till date i have not recd my above parcel.

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   We have track your EMS for you. It seems you have got it.


Timing Site Status
2012-11-19  15:47:00 XIAN  Posting  
2012-11-19  20:03:00 CHANBA  Despatch from Sorting Center  
2012-11-19  21:12:48 XIAN  Arrival at Sorting Center  
2012-11-19  21:38:40 XIAN  Despatch from Sorting Center  
2012-11-20  13:41:15 BEIJING  Arrival at Sorting Center  
2012-11-20  16:10:24 BEIJING  Despatch from Sorting Center  
2012-11-23  08:19:00 REPUBLIC OF INDIA MUMBAI PAR  Arrival at Sorting Center  
2012-11-23  11:42:00 REPUBLIC OF INDIA MUMBAI PAR  Handed over to Customs  


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