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Please track/trace Tracking Number EE511281685PH
Sender:    Isaiah Emmanuel D. Rito/Fredesvinda Rito
                #10 Norris St. Filinvest South Bo Tubigan, Binan, Laguna, Philippines
Addressee:  FCCPT - Foreign Credentialing Commission on Physical Theraphy
                    124 West Street, South, 3rd Floor, Alexandria Virginia  22314 - 2825
Date Mailed:  May 7, 2015
Post Office  :  Binan, Laguna
The Binan Post Office Personnel explained that this EMS mail with tracking # EE 511 281 685 PH, mailed May 7, 2015 will reach the addressee three days from the date it was mailed. Until now, the addressee has not received this mail and what appears on Philpost tracking website is "No Record Found".
Why has this mail not yet reached its destination? Why is there no record found? Where is the mail with tracking # EE 511 281 685!  Please give feedback as soon as possible.   If no action will be taken on this matter, we will hold EMS responsible and liable to all problems that will arise due to the delayed or non-delivery of these important documents. 

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